Expectations Will Keep You Single (Trigger Warning) – Video

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I met a woman who was clearly as beautiful inside as out. We met in a life education class. The class is structured so that I am her coach. She’s 74-years-old and FABULOUS! She said that it was “divine order”… Continue Reading

What To Do After You Accidentally Released The Crazy (Video)

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You lost your sh*t, now what? Whether it’s a cuttingly-worded text message with a big f-you subtext or a screaming, raging freak out after he was two hours late for a date, for which you rushed home to get ready,… Continue Reading

The Dangers of Being A Solo Act


Oh Lawd! Sounds like some anti-singlehood propaganda, don’t it? Well, it’s not. You know me and you know I’m not anti-single anything. I am however pro extreme happiness and powerful living. So whether or not you’re in a relationship, if… Continue Reading

Would You Marry Yourself?

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It’s suck up time. No seriously, I absolutely adore you for so many reasons. Not the least of which is the richness that you bring to my life when you come to me seeking help. I am at your service.… Continue Reading

Dating or Writing A Fairytale?


I missed you guys last week, but I was busy pushing my new ebook. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, plug plug plug, click on the image below. So I had a really amazing call with a potential new… Continue Reading

Here’s Where I Share My Shame

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My Sweet Love, first thing’s first. I created something kinda special. It’s going to be available on Clickbank, but I wanted to have a pre-sale just for my fav peeps. That’s you! It’s my “How to Clean Out Your ‘Past… Continue Reading

Guest Post: “He Has No Idea…”


He has no idea how much he changed my life… It was several years ago now. I had met a guy I was truly excited about, and we had started dating. This time was going to be different. You see,… Continue Reading

Love: Choose or Lose


Are you a chooser or a loser. Frankly, I know you’re not a loser in the “I gave up.” kinda way. However, often times we lose without even realizing that it’s what we’re setting ourselves up to do. “How?” You… Continue Reading

My Shameless Valentine

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 “My. Shameless. Valentiiiiinnnnne. Sweet. Shameless. Valentiiiiiinnnne. You. Make. Me. Smi-ile. With my heaaaaarrrt.” It’s not just Valentine’s Weekend. It’s an opportunity to type-sing to you, and you know I never miss an opportunity to do that. Listen, in light of all the… Continue Reading

Water, Yoga, Sex, Magic


Hey listen, Hunny. You may be tired of hearing it, but I can’t stress it enough. Mainly because I know myself and I know I’ve spent too much time in my life stressing too much. I realize that you’ve probably already… Continue Reading