Water, Yoga, Sex, Magic


Hey listen, Hunny. You may be tired of hearing it, but I can’t stress it enough. Mainly because I know myself and I know I’ve spent too much time in my life stressing too much. I realize that you’ve probably already… Continue Reading

How To Dream Up Reality


One of the things I always discuss with clients and potential clients is getting clear about what they want. After all, the whole idea of having a coaching relationship is to have someone in your corner to help you achieve… Continue Reading

Have You Compromised Too Much In Your Relationships?


  “What I did for looooooove, what I did foooorrrr loooooooooove!!!” Even over the interwebs y’all know I be sangin’! Really tho, what have you done for “love”? I put love in quotes because sometimes we think we’re doing something for… Continue Reading

RE-Solving 2016


Happy New Year!! It’s 2016 and although I’m ready for a restart and all of the crispy, fresh hope that a brand new desk calendar can bring, I’m thinking about everything that I just won’t leave behind in 2015. I… Continue Reading

Sorry, Not Sorry

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” If you’re under 35, you get a pass if you don’t know where the hell that quote comes from. For the rest of us, you remember that pivotal scene between Ryan O’Neill… Continue Reading

How to Get Powerfully Strong & Not Break A Sweat

We love power don’t we? It’s absolutely intoxicating just to know that we can influence others into our way of thinking or that our thoughts and leadership may inspire greatness. Mostly, it’s rewarding when we talk and people listen. We… Continue Reading

No Shame In This Love Game (5 Strategies)

It’s the happiest of days! Simply because that’s what I’m choosing for myself today. Nothing special. Although I did book a new client yesterday and that’s always fab. Welcome to the fold, you know who you are. I like to shout… Continue Reading

Dating: How to Vet Like a Love Master

The book of life. A mystical VIP list from biblical days, the way some people refer to the Bible, and a cute little animated movie. Also a metaphor for how life unfolds. In other words, it’s the story we write as… Continue Reading

Want A New Super Power?

Gurl! I know you got some super powers! You can probably balance coffee, your tablet, and handbag all while applying a full beat and riding the 6 train to work memorizing a presentation. You can probably spend all day at… Continue Reading

How to Become “A Challenge”

It is often said that men like a challenge. In order to “reel, catch and keep” him, many dating gurus will tell you to wait before having sex, don’t be too available, don’t be too needy, act like a “cool… Continue Reading